Low Profile Braces Available in the Vacaville, CA Region for Adults

Contrary to popular belief, braces are not just for teens. Many adults also need orthodontic correction for straighter teeth or to fix a misaligned bite. Although adults have finished growing, orthodontic devices can still gradually bring their smile into the proper position.

The problem with braces for adults is that many grown-ups feel that traditional metal braces will cause them to appear… immature. Metal braces are highly visible and can be embarrassing. Everyone wants to look youthful, but few of us desire to relive our teenage years.

To avoid this problem, Dr. Yang at Talwar Family Dentistry offers ceramic braces for adults. These braces use white or tooth-colored ceramic components in place of metal, greatly reducing the visibility and offering a discreet method of orthodontic correction.

Additionally, patients who are allergic to certain metals (like nickel) can obtain great results with ceramic brackets.

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