Invisible Aligners for Teen and Adult Residents of the Vacaville, CA Area

Invisalign Dentist Vacaville CAThe Invisalign system really lives up to its name. This series of aligners is a popular alternative to metal braces and for good reason. Not only is Invisalign transparent and therefore almost totally invisible, but the aligners are removable. This means they will not interfere with eating, brushing and flossing, and sports activities.

Dr. Yang fashions a set of custom aligners tailored to each patient’s unique mouth anatomy. You wear each aligner for most of the day for a few weeks. Then, you simply receive your next aligner. The Invisalign system safely brings your teeth and bite into the correct position, giving you the smile of a lifetime while no one is any the wiser.

Remember that Invisalign is not just for teens. Adults can often benefit from orthodontic correction as well, and Invisalign is often an option for grown-ups. Dr. Yang will be happy to provide a complimentary consultation, and Talwar Family Dentistry has a number of flexible payment options.

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