An Excellent Tooth Replacement Option for Patients Around Vacaville, CA

Dental Bridges Vacaville CAIf you are missing a single tooth or just a few teeth, a set of partial or full dentures may not be right for you. Instead, a bridge could be the tooth replacement solution you are looking for.

Bridges are a permanent, non-removable form of tooth replacement. These restorative dentistry prostheses are affixed to your remaining teeth, so you can be assured that they are secure even when eating or brushing. The bridge provides artificial teeth to replace your lost ones, but modern bridges are not highly-noticeable and can appear natural and attractive.

At Talwar Family Dentistry, our expert dental team can fashion a new, custom bridge for you or provide replacement of a damaged bridge. Simply give us a call at (707) 449-8515 to receive no-pressure, caring service.