Need a Filling in Vacaville, CA? Get a Discreet, Tooth-Colored Filling from Talwar Family Dentistry

White Fillings Vacaville CANaturally, the purpose of a filling is to stop a cavity from enlarging and help protect the remaining tooth from further decay. Unfortunately, traditional silver fillings – known as amalgam fillings – are unattractive, especially in the front of a tooth. This is why we offer composite fillings, a strong, tooth-colored alternative that effectively hides your filling from view.

Unlike most amalgams, composite fillings do not contain any mercury. Instead, they are made of resin polymers and can last just as long as an amalgam with proper care. Best of all, composite fillings are barely noticeable, except to your dentist.

If you suspect you have a cavity or simply need a dental check-up, please give us a call at (707) 449-8515. Dr. Talwar and his team will be happy to meet all your dental needs, including a white composite filling if necessary.