Early Cavity Detection for Patients Near Vacaville, CA

All too often, the first obvious sign of a cavity is pain or sensitivity. Of course, if you’re visiting us every six months, our dentist can identify even tiny cavities and fill them before they become painful. Still, six months can be a long interval. This is why we practice early cavity detection at Talwar Family Dentistry.

Using a combination of dental x-rays, visual observation, and other diagnostics, Dr. Talwar looks for the first signs of enamel penetration and decay. We are then able to address the problem promptly with personalized oral hygiene instructions, extra fluoride treatment or with a filling. If you do need a filling, we can provide tooth-colored composite fillings that are virtually unnoticeable.

Of course, the best way to avoid a cavity is proper preventative care. To that end, we provide diet advice and at-home care instruction to help you keep your teeth in top shape.

Don’t forget to visit us at least every six months so that we can help you stop cavities before they become a major problem. Schedule your appointment at (707) 449-8515 today.