NO-COST Fluoride Treatments for Kids in the Vacaville, CA Area

Fluoride is an essential ion for strong, decay-resistant teeth. It helps teeth resist dental caries – or cavities – and can even repair mild damage to the outer portion of your teeth. For these reasons, fluoride is found in dental care products ranging from toothpaste to mouthwash.

Fluoride is particularly important to young teeth. Children tend to enjoy sweets more than adults, and they may not always be rigorous in their at-home dental care. Forgoing fluoride leaves your kid’s teeth open to troublesome and painful decay.

At Talwar Family Dentistry, we provide FREE fluoride treatments for our littlest patients. These treatments are very comfortable and quite quick. We have access to concentrated fluoride solutions that can provide long-term protection for your child’s teeth, and we are happy to offer this complimentary service to help ensure their dental health.

Be sure to ask about fluoride treatments as part of your kid’s regular check-up and cleaning. Please call (707) 449-8515 for an appointment.