Patients in Vacaville, CA Don’t Have to Wait for the Teen Years for Orthodontic Evaluation

Dr. Yang with an orthodontic patientMany people associate braces with the teenage years. While it is certainly true that patients often first receive orthodontic correction in their teens, earlier orthodontic evaluation is certainly possible and can be invaluable for heading off problems or preparing for the future. In fact, kids as young as seven or eight can benefit from professional orthodontic evaluation.

At Talwar Family Dentistry, Dr. Yang, our Board Certified Orthodontist, is able to examine your child to spot potential orthodontic problems. While children do not yet have all of their permanent teeth, many bite alignment issues can be discovered even before they lose all of their baby teeth. This allows you and Dr. Yang to come up with a treatment plan together and prepare for eventual orthodontic correction.

Of course, we have a number of options when it comes to braces and aligners at Talwar Family Dentistry. Our caring and compassionate team stands ready to assist you with all your family’s dental and orthodontic needs, including payment and financing options.

Don’t put off orthodontic evaluation for your children. Get them on the path to a straight, beautiful smile today by dialing (707) 449-8515 today.

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