The Ultimate in Tooth Replacement in the Vacaville, CA Area

Dental Implants Vacaville CATooth loss can be difficult psychologically as well as physically. Many patients who have suffered tooth loss, whether from decay or accident, wish for a natural-appearing, permanent replacement that will allow them to eat and speak normally without having to bother with removal. Dental implants meet all these criteria.

While dental implants have been around for decades, implant dentistry has really come into its own in the last five to ten years. Today, modern dental medicine has led to excellence in implant placement, safety, and recovery.

Dental implants are anchors that are set into the bone underlying your teeth and gums. These anchors are then topped with custom-made, attractive crowns that appear completely identical to natural teeth. Although the crowns are very durable, they can be replaced in the event of breakage without redoing the implant anchors.

Talwar Family Dentistry has implant options for single teeth, multiple teeth, or even entire arches. With their durability, versatility, and outstanding appearance, dental implants truly are the next best thing to natural teeth. Call us at (707) 449-8515 to learn more.