Great-Looking Crowns in the Vacaville, CA Region Can Help Save a Tooth

Dental Crowns Vacaville CAWhat is the point of a dental crown? You can think of a crown as a reinforcing “hug” for a traumatized tooth. Teeth are resilient, but they can only take so much damage. A tooth that has suffered several cavities, cracking, or other trauma and decay may be in danger of needing extraction. A crown can help prevent this.

A crown goes over the entire exposed tooth or the “white” part. In other words, it covers everything above the gum line. A crown will provide stability to your tooth and help protect it from further damage or decay.

Best of all, the porcelain crowns we provide at Talwar Family Dentistry look great. They appear natural and will give you a shapely, healthy-appearing tooth. Of course, a crown can also save you from having to obtain a replacement tooth like a bridge or dental implant.

We offer new crowns as well as replacements for damaged crowns at Talwar Family Dentistry. For more information, please call (707) 449-8515.